Candidate, Mississippi 4th Congressional District

Selected twice by his peers as the Biloxi City Council President and as the Acting Mayor of Biloxi in 2015, Robert Deming has been a conservative leader for taxpayers on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Robert is responsible for furthering fiscal responsibility in Biloxi.  As president of the Council, he demanded the city pass a truly balanced budget, and Biloxi did.  The administration in Biloxi has coined the “Deming Rule” paying tribute to Robert’s assertion that service that can be performed by the private sector should be.  This resulted in considerable saving for the City while providing quality services.  Robert Deming III has proven to be a leader in the fight against big government and increased taxation.  During his tenure, Robert has fought diligently against the growth of government, battled to prevent the expansion of entitlement programs and wasteful spending, and fought to protect property rights.  Robert is a firm believer in removing government regulations to allow for economic growth.
After graduating from Biloxi High School, Robert set out on a mission to find his career calling, working a variety of jobs, while gaining a multitude of real-world work experience in the blue-collar sector.  From construction jobs, laying tile and pipe fitting, to serving tables and working in the hospitality industry, Robert was constantly advancing himself, his skill sets, knowledge and work experience.  His strong leadership skills, innovative ideas, and ability to work with diverse people allowed Robert the opportunity for advancement into management positions regardless of the industry.  

In 2008, Robert completed a Bachelor’s Degree in 2 years.  He earned the highest of honors, Summa Cum Laude, with an Economics major at the University of  Southern Mississippi.  Robert earned the respected Wall Street Journal Award for Economics.  Robert continued the pursuit of a higher education, as he was accepted to the University of Mississippi’s prestigious Law program.  After graduating with a law degree two and a half year later, he immediately joined the political field announcing his campaign for Biloxi City Council.  Robert won the election in 2013, serving as Biloxi City Councilman for Ward 4, as well as an interim term as Acting Mayor.
In business, Robert has prospered in a variety of industries with his companies.  Deming Enterprises is a multifaceted organization that has been contracted to perform numerous different undertakings.  Robert operates his firm Deming Law, an insurance adjusting firm, Storm Damages, and his nonprofit partnership Deming with Hand on Mississippi.  Robert has experienced firsthand what is necessary to run a business, large or small, hire and retain employees and the impact burdensome regulations and taxation have on all aspects of operations.
Robert is a proud father and has been a true community leader, contributing a great amount of time towards charity.  He has volunteered as a coach for various South Mississippi youth sports organizations.  Robert has been a pioneer in the non profit sector with his work through Deming with Hands on Mississippi, donating over 100,000 lbs of food in 2015 to date.  Robert believes in charity for the people, by the people. Government has no place in charity, nor was ever intended to control charity programs. Too often we find, when the Government runs charity programs they are wrought with corruption, misuse of resources, and abuse.


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