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Biloxi, MS - For the first time in a long time, five term representative of Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District, Steven Palazzo, will be challenged by a formidable conservative opponent. Biloxi City Council leader Robert L. Deming, III announced his Republican primary candidacy for Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District today. Deming is bringing his successful conservative record to the voters to allow them a chance to back President Trump’s campaign promise to balance the budget.  Citing Congressman Palazzo’s failure to be a leader for keeping America on solid financial ground for future generations, Deming stated, “To get America back on the right track will require a Congress willing to make the difficult choices which our politicians won't entertain.  President Trump needs leaders in Washington DC to back the promises he made to the American people, and since the incumbent won’t do it – I will.” 
Regarding the pledge by President Trump Deming stated, “President Trump said about balancing the budget, ‘If you have the right people…in the agencies and the various people that do the balancing ... you can cut the numbers by two pennies and three pennies and balance a budget quickly and have a stronger and better country."  Mississippi taxpayers deserve to be proud of a Congressman who leads this promise by President Trump. Deming challenges Palazzo’s voting record stating, “When Congress needed most to limit government spending, Steven Palazzo was in the small minority of Republicans to vote in favor of the recent $1.4 trillion spending package. Yet in that vote, did not provide President Trump with the requested budget to fully fund the border wall.”Deming stands by his conservative record at the local level, pledging to the voters of South Mississippi to continue that same fight on Capitol Hill.  “As Biloxi City Council President, I demanded we pass a truly balanced budget and we did. In Washington, I will fight against wasteful spending, the irresponsible growth of government and the outsourcing of our legislative responsibilities to non-elected officials.”
On a solution to the ever increasing budget deficits Deming continued, “Someone needs to champion bills like Marsha Blackburn’s in the US House of Representatives that will demand budget agencies find 1%, 2% or 5% in cuts year.  Only when we get our fiscal house in order again can we truly Make America Great Again.”
Selected twice by his peers as the Biloxi City Council President and as the Acting Mayor of Biloxi in 2015, Robert Deming has been a conservative leader for taxpayers on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The administration in Biloxi has coined the term “Deming Rule” paying tribute to Robert’s assertion that any services which can be performed by the private sector, should be. This resulted in considerable savings for the City of Biloxi while providing quality services. Deming is a proven leader in the fight against big government and increased taxation. During his tenure he has fought diligently against the growth of government, battled to prevent the expansion of entitlement programs and wasteful spending, and fought to protect property rights. He is a firm believer in removing government regulations to allow for economic growth.
Deming has been a vocal opponent of Mississippi representatives who boast a career record of voting in line with the liberal left, challenging Steven Palazzo for his recent vote in support of two extensions of Obamacare tax subsidies, expanding abortion coverage for Planned Parent Hood. “Steven Palazzo claims to uphold our Mississippi Values, yet time and time and time again he continues to vote in line with Nancy Pelosi. I have and always will be pro-life, and I will fight against the government funding of institutions who don’t believe an unborn baby has the right to live. Remember his ‘Fire Pelosi’ campaign? It’s time we Fire Palazzo!”  

Robert L. Deming, II is graduate of Biloxi High School. Working in the blue collar sector, he gained real world experience on construction sites laying tile and pipe fitting, as well as in the hospitality industry. He soon graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Economics at the University of Southern Mississippi in just two years, earning the Wall Street Journal Award for Economics. Deming continued the pursuit of a higher education with a law degree from our states prestigious law school, Ole’ Miss.  Soon after opening his law office on the Mississippi Gulf Coast he won his first election to the Biloxi City Council in 2013.
In addition to Deming’s law practice, he owns a variety of small businesses through Deming Enterprises, including the insurance adjusting firm Storm Damages. Deming has experienced firsthand what is necessary to run a business, large or small, hire and retain employees, and the impact burdensome regulations and taxation have on all aspects of operations.
Deming is a proud father and has been a true community leader.  A volunteer coach for various South Mississippi youth sports organizations, he has been a pioneer in the nonprofit sector with his work through Deming with Hands on Mississippi.  Together they have donated over 100,000 pounds of food to South Mississippi communities. Robert believes in personal voluntary charity for the people, by the people. Government has no place in charity, nor was ever intended to control or fund charity programs. Too often we find, when the Government runs charity programs they are wrought with corruption, misuse of resources, and abuse.
Deming leaves the South Mississippi Voters with a call to action, “President Trump said he wanted to drain the swamp. Our ‘No Show’ congressman has been flooding the swamp far too long. Join me, and let’s send a true conservative voice to represent our Mississippi Values on Capitol Hill.”
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Mississippi by N/A is licensed under Wikimedia Wikimedia


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