Deming sees Palazzo voting with Pelosi

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Republican Robert L. Deming, III calls on Steven Palazzo to explain fiscal irresponsibility, vote towards socialism, and sneaky abortion support. 

Biloxi, MS - Republican candidate for Congress Robert Deming released a statement today calling on Steven Palazzo to explain and reverse course on his vote for the recent $1.4 trillion spending package.  "Steven Palazzo has set the tone for the socialization of private retirement funds. Now that the taxpayers bailed out the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA), he set a precedent to bailing out all of the over-extended and under-funded pension plans of private-sector unions and private employers," Deming said.

"As a prolife member of the Republican Party, I am baffled how a CPA and a member of the appropriations committee can support two extensions of Obamacare tax subsidies, expanding abortion coverage," Deming continued.   "I am not sure if Steven Palazzo is asleep at the wheel or if he thinks we are," said Deming. "This has been a decade of continued betrayal."

"Palazzo campaigned on the fire Pelosi platform," he continued. "Palazzo has voted lockstep with Pelosi and the liberal left on these deals far too many times."

"It's time we fire Nancy Pelosi once again, and fire Palazzo," Deming concluded.

Robert Deming, a Councilman and former interim Mayor in Biloxi, is an attorney and father. He works for Constitutionally limited government, fiscally responsible budgeting, and traditional values on behalf of all Mississippians.
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Robert Deming by Robert Deming is licensed under Facebook N/A


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