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Life is the most precious gift to have ever been bestowed upon mankind. That gift is delivered to every individual at conception. I am pro-life! The Federal Government does not have the authority to participate in abortions, nor are the citizens obligated to financially support this abhorrent practice. Any contrary reading of the Constitution is driven by leftist activism and violates to core principle of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I will consistently vote against the government funding of abortion services.


Our great nation was built on the fundamentals of individual liberty. This country provides immense opportunity to change your station in life and improve your quality of living regardless of who you are or where you come from. Most immigrants seek to enter the United states to do just that. However, as our citizenry must adhere to the rule of law, so must those who seek to be an American Citizen. We must be concerned with the strain on, abuse of, and exorbitant cost to taxpayers for public services provided to illegal immigrants. I will fight to oppose providing benefits to illegal immigrants as this behavior further incentivize the illegal immigration that threatens the safety of Americans.

Those that choose to enter our country through the proper channels, I am proud to welcome. The failure to fully fund border security and allow illegal immigrants to flood into our nation is a threat to our national safety. I will vote to fully fund the wall and President Donald Trump’s border security initiative.
Our worker visa programs need to be overhauled. For example, many large employers exploit the H-2B visa program to bring in foreign workers to work for rates lower than the market rates in the U.S. This is an unfair competitive advantage for employers that are approved for the limited number of H-2B visas versus those that are excluded from this reduced cost worker program due to said limitations on allowed H-2B visas. Further, this hurts our entry level employees in many industries such as hotels, restaurants, farms, and construction sites. Rather than increase the number of H-2B visas for entry level and seasonal work, we should require that employers demonstrate they cannot find Americans to do the same jobs at the market rate first. Washington has continued to expand this practice and deter companies from hiring our young and unskilled Mississippians.


The Federal Government is not authorized by the Constitution of the United States of America to disarm the people. The Second Amendment is the restatement of one of our most important and sacred God given inalienable rights. Without the Second Amendment, our freedom is left unprotected. I am a gun owner, and a member of the NRA. I will vigorously work to defend all attacks on the Second Amendment by the liberal left.


Irresponsible spending is an illness that plagues Washington D.C. This Nation’s relentless out-of-control spending robs prosperity from our children and grandchildren. We need measures in place to ensure that we rein in the pilfering of our posterities’ pocketbooks. Fiscal conservatism is a must now more than ever. I will be a leader for President Donald Trump’s pledge to balance the budget.

I will consistently vote against raising the debt ceiling. I have heard arguments made for raising the debt ceiling, such that it can be raised if it is accompanied by debt reducing measures; these arguments are illogical. This is political sleight of hand used to pacify the masses. The debt has never been reduced after passage with this tactic. We should simply reduce spending. Our unfunded debt obligations may be our nation’s greatest threat.

I am an advocate for pro-growth policies to create more opportunities for all Americans. I will be an advocate and leader on measures to reduce taxes, remove burdensome regulations, and promote the empowerment of the private sector.


Energy independence remains a necessity for economic growth and stability. Any reliance on energy from nations hostile to the US should be reduced and eliminated. I support the continuation and expansion of the private sector’s ability to create more jobs and remove federal impediments to domestic exploration, development, and the trade of energy related resources. I support all domestic sources of energy as long as they can compete in the free market without subsidies.


Per Article I, Section VIII of  the Constitution,  National Defense is the preeminent purpose for our union of the these several states. As such, our military needs to be the focus of our Representatives in Washington, D.C. All branches of service need increased allowanced for personnel and readiness measures. The bases in south Mississippi are some of the most important training facilities in the country from Camp Shelby to Keesler Air Force Base, and construction and development facilities such as our Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport to our private defense contract builders at Ingalls Shipbuilding and Northrop Grumman.

The service these facilities provide to the furtherance of our liberty is second to only the efforts, dedication, and sacrifice of our men and women of uniform, both past and present.  We are indebted to those members of our lives and community. They deserve diligent aid and support for the issues they face daily, such as medical care. The VA has undergone some improvements lately, yet the service provided still falls short of the duty owed to our American heroes.


President Trump has removed the individual mandate imposed by Obama Care. However, the health care legislation is still marred with numerous other mandated regulations that pose serious obstacles to health care providers and the end user; you. Without representatives in Washington, D.C. leading on this issue, we will never have a health care industry with the potential to flourish in the free market.
Medicaid must be restored to a true safety net and part of the path out of poverty. The current system is wrought with abuse. There are too many able-bodied Americans relying on the support of tax payers for their health care because the system allows this abuse.
Medicare should be converted to modern premium based plan whereby the elderly and disable receive their Medicare benefits in some form of government contribution. Thereby allowing them to purchase their plan in the market. This allows them to have control over their health care, remove uncertainty in budgeting for both the individual and the government, and allow the market force of competition to increase the quality of care.

President Trump said he wanted to drain the Swamp.  Our No Show congressman has been flooding the swamp far too long. It’s time South Mississippi sends true conservative representation to Washington D.C. Join me, let’s send a voice for our South Mississippi values to Capitol Hill!


Your next Congressman!

Robert L. Deming, III


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